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My name is 'yellow ball'

Stephanie Walter

As a part of TGD NGO education Program, I am teaching basic English lessons, numbers and a bit of math. In addition we practice together some of the most important phrases and sentences like “What is your name?" with the adequate answer "My name is Najma, Sakina (whatever is the name of the student). How old are you?" "I am (the age) years old!"

After the lessons, we also play together. The play reduces the strain and also helps learn. The favorite game is playing with the balls of different colors. We have a red, blue and yellow ball. One of the girls throws the balls in the ground and starts to say please, give me the red ball, please give me the blue ball, please give me the yellow ball. And sometime I get to hear so funny sentences like "My name is yellow ball."

I see the girls are very quick at the uptake. They learn fast. But sadly, they have no exposure to English language whatsoever. I wish they could have some English teacher and I can see they would have done wonders.


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