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TGD Ceramics Group in Multan

A lot of work is being done on pottery development in TGD Women Art Center; new facilities, new designs and new products. Thanks to the ceramics passion of our veteran volunteer from Germany Monika Kuppler who has makes new innovation possible every time when she is in the Toy Village. Readers here know that Monika Kuppler is again in the Village for spring and she is doing a lot in the field of ceramics. Thatta Kedona readers also know that Women Art Center has installed a new local kiln for pottery firing and blazing.

On March 25, 2012, AFA – the village NGO - arranged a visit of Women Art Center Ceramics Group to Multan (city of saints famous for blue pottery, Kashi work and antiquity. Ceramics Group of Women Art Center spent a useful day in Multan visiting large ceramic workshops and handicraft centers in addition to site seeing in the historic city. Here are some of the images of the trip to Multan.

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