Thatta Kedona

Culture is a Basic Need

What I can learn from village girls

Stephanie Walter

My stay in Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroka –  the Dolls Village - and close interaction with school girls there was a great experience; totally unforgettable. On my last day in the village girls school (a Friday), we started school at 8 Am and finished already at 12 AM. I notice that many of the girl students bring their little sisters and brothers with them.

On a Fridays the school seems more than a kindergarten than a school. But I note that the girls also concentrate on work like on other days. It amazed me how these little girls manage this. Interestingly, if a little sister or brother goes to the table of another others girl, she likes it as natural. I never saw that any little girl or boy getting lost. This was a perfect example of their social behavior. What is more, when one of them starts to cry and the sister does not see it, one of the other girls will look after and attend to the young one.

Girl students share their school stuff like rubbers, pencil, sharpeners and colored pencils with each other.

One of the best social strength that I found in girl students is their creativity and resourcefulness. Almost all of their benches are broken but instead of complaining, the girls used the wooden pieces to play cricket in their breaks.

I found the simple, rural conditions of the school very inspiring and memorable.

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