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TGD Ceramics Group in Multan

A lot of work is being done on pottery development in TGD Women Art Center; new facilities, new designs and new products. Thanks to the ceramics passion of our veteran volunteer from Germany Monika Kuppler who has makes new innovation possible every time when she is in the Toy Village. Readers here know that Monika Kuppler is again in the Village for spring and she is doing a lot in the field of ceramics. Thatta Kedona readers also know that Women Art Center has installed a new local kiln for pottery firing and blazing.

On March 25, 2012, AFA – the village NGO - arranged a visit of Women Art Center Ceramics Group to Multan (city of saints famous for blue pottery, Kashi work and antiquity. Ceramics Group of Women Art Center spent a useful day in Multan visiting large ceramic workshops and handicraft centers in addition to site seeing in the historic city. Here are some of the images of the trip to Multan.
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Dolls, Toys and More

Dolls, Toys and More was launched on April 28, 2012. Prof. Dr. Norbert Pintsch, Senior Expert DGFK, Germany presented a copy of Dolls Toys and More to Dr. Azam Chaudhry, the Dean, Lahore School of Economics. Dr. Norbert also apprised Dr. Azam Chaudhry of what has been happening in the village Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka – commonly called Dolls Village - over last two decades.

Dolls, Toys and More is a story of two decades of work by NGO in a village called Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka – some 80 kilometres from Lahore and on the bank of River Ravi. How change has come in the village?

Countless volunteers from Germany, Pakistan and also from other parts of the world have worked in the Village Project. The book gives an overview of the Project in detail as well as the description of local travel attractions. The travelogues section describes all places of interest in and around the areas, which will form a broader and touristy impression about the location to the reader as well as the interested tourists.

The life in the village is definitely interesting from the point of view of any urban visitor, but this topic may be discussed separately. An idea can be obtained however by reading the three short stories included in the book. The books also points out to the concept of Mud Housing and the Appropriate Technology and how they are being developed and used in the village.

What was conceived and founded by Dr Senta Siller has surely come of age. The book would not have been possible without the input and huge amount of work by Dr Norbert Pintsch, Dr Senta Siller and many others.

Dolls The book ISBN 978-969-0-02411-7 is available at Ferozsons Pakistan and other leading book stores.

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Dolls of the World - Pakistan

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What I can learn from village girls

Stephanie Walter

My stay in Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroka –  the Dolls Village - and close interaction with school girls there was a great experience; totally unforgettable. On my last day in the village girls school (a Friday), we started school at 8 Am and finished already at 12 AM. I notice that many of the girl students bring their little sisters and brothers with them.

On a Fridays the school seems more than a kindergarten than a school. But I note that the girls also concentrate on work like on other days. It amazed me how these little girls manage this. Interestingly, if a little sister or brother goes to the table of another others girl, she likes it as natural. I never saw that any little girl or boy getting lost. This was a perfect example of their social behavior. What is more, when one of them starts to cry and the sister does not see it, one of the other girls will look after and attend to the young one.

Girl students share their school stuff like rubbers, pencil, sharpeners and colored pencils with each other.
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My name is 'yellow ball'

Stephanie Walter

As a part of TGD NGO education Program, I am teaching basic English lessons, numbers and a bit of math. In addition we practice together some of the most important phrases and sentences like “What is your name?" with the adequate answer "My name is Najma, Sakina (whatever is the name of the student). How old are you?" "I am (the age) years old!"

After the lessons, we also play together. The play reduces the strain and also helps learn. The favorite game is playing with the balls of different colors. We have a red, blue and yellow ball. One of the girls throws the balls in the ground and starts to say please, give me the red ball, please give me the blue ball, please give me the yellow ball. And sometime I get to hear so funny sentences like "My name is yellow ball."

I see the girls are very quick at the uptake. They learn fast. But sadly, they have no exposure to English language whatsoever. I wish they could have some English teacher and I can see they would have done wonders.


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Research work with Thatta Kedona

Prof. Gwendolyn Kulick, the Assistant Professor in Beaconhouse National University (BNU), School of Visual Arts and Design, has a long association with the Project. In addition to being in Pakistan House Potsdam, Germany in 2003, she has visited TGD with BNU students many times. She is doing her PhD in ‘Design Work in NGOs and Income Generation.’ Her research work brings her to TGD.

(Farooq Ahmed, Secretary General Anjuman-e-Falah-e-Aama), Prof. Dr. Brigitte Wolf and Prof. Gwendolyn Kulick)

On Mar 17, 2011, Gwendolyn Kulick was in the Dolls Village with her research supervisor (academic mother) Prof. Dr. Brigitte Wolf (Theory of Design, Department for Design and Art, University of Wuppertal, Germany) who is in Pakistan on the invitation of Annemarie-Schimmel-House (ASchH) in Lahore.

Both the special guests spent fill day visiting different workshops of doll making, pottery and toy making in the Women Art Centre and Technology- Transfer- and Training Centre as well as saw the work in Basic Health Unit. Guests also took keen interests in repair work for Mud House Owners Project (owners repair their mud house after summer and winter monsoon ahead of the annual quality of life competition – an effort to keep traditional farmhouses as a sample). These mud houses are also fouc of stuy for Institute for Experimental Construction at BNU and attractive for visitor and tourists.
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